What is Peer to Peer International Shipping?

What is Peer to Peer International Shipping?

If you are someone who routinely ships items overseas, you know how expensive and complex the process can be. Traditional international shipping can be challenging, from packaging the items to finding a reliable shipping company that doesn’t cost a fortune and won’t lose your package to declaring the contents correctly for customs. A new form of shipping has emerged in the past decade, reflecting the same crowdsourced labor ideals as rideshare companies and meal delivery services. Peer to peer international shipping utilizes reliable travelers to personally transport your package from one location to another, circumventing the lengthy international shipping process. So, just what is peer to peer international shipping, and how does it work? Explore this new concept and find out why it could be the right shipping option for you.

What is Peer to Peer International Shipping?

Peer to peer international shipping refers to the concept of using individual travelers to transport your package to its final destination rather than a traditional shipping company. The idea works well for small, lightweight packages that can be easily carried in a person’s luggage. For this reason, peer to peer shipping on the individual level is recommended for dry goods that can be carried on airplanes, ships, and trains without issue. Peer to peer international shipping can also include partnering with companies using their own equipment to ship their product to a location. In this case, you would pay the company to transport your cargo to the desired location, helping them make a profit and ensuring that your goods get there faster. This is ideal if you are using corrugated 4GV or UN hazmat boxes to ship potential hazardous materials or if you have a large number of liquid-carrying shipping barrels that need to be transported.

How Does it Work?

The process of peer to peer international shipping works by pairing persons who are already traveling to or have the means to travel to various locations throughout the world. This can be done through many channels; however, some companies and apps specialize in pairing you with a traveler for a more reliable and consistent experience. BuddyExpress is an online platform that embraces peer to peer shipping. The site provides you with a system to connect with travelers who have signed up to deliver packages internationally. You browse through travelers heading toward your destination with this site, then contact them with your package and delivery details. Once you agree on a price and other terms, you enter your credit card information through BuddyExpress. Once your package is successfully delivered, your card is charged, and the traveler receives their payment. Websites like Grabr specialize in taking orders from online retailers, then pairing that shipment through a vetted traveler from the retailing country. On this app, travelers input their travel information into the system, bid for a delivery, buy the item, and ship it to get paid.

Benefits of Shipping Internationally With a Peer to Peer Service

Peer to peer international shipping provides shippers with many benefits over traditional international shipping methods. The perks of using a peer to peer service over a traditional method include:

Lower shipping fees
More efficient delivery system
Makes the experience more personal
Avoids shipping delays

Another perk is that companies like BuddyExpress and Gabr offer some financial protection if your package is not delivered, which gives you an extra incentive to utilize the service. Additionally, many peer to peer platforms allow you to contact the traveler for updates on your package. This is much quicker and more reliable than impersonal updates given by large shipping companies.

Getting Started With Peer to Peer International Shipping

To get started with peer to peer international shipping, visit various peer to peer delivery platforms to figure out which fits your needs. BuddyExpress and Graber are based out of the United States, while PiggyBee is a good option for those in Europe. Then, package your item or items in high-quality custom shipping boxes that can easily fit in a standard traveler’s suitcase. From there, follow the directions of your chosen platform to easily ship your item.

Ensure Your Items are Packaged Securely

The items you are sending through peer to peer international shipping must be packed securely. For all your shipping container needs, visit Air Sea Containers. We boast a wide variety of boxes, barrels, and custom shipping containers to ensure your package arrives safely at its destination.

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