Shipping Discounts for USPS, FedEx, UPS, and more.

Shipping Discounts for USPS, FedEx, UPS, and more.

Shipping discounts are everywhere if you know where to look. Below are some great ways to find the cheapest way to ship your packages with discounts from top carriers such as UPS, USPS, FedEx, DHL, Evri, and more..

Many online retailers bite the bullet on shipping rates and take the hit to their profit margins. We’d like to make that hit a bit smaller by sharing with you the many shipping carrier discounts available to businesses. Even if you’re not a high-volume ShipStation user, you can get discounts for businesses that consumers aren’t eligible for..

Before we get started, it’s important to note that every major carrier offers shipping discounts. Sometimes you can even “stack” or add the discounts together; check with each carrier to see which ones are eligible for stacking. While the discounts change from time to time, here are some current discounts, broken down by country, that you can take advantage of by joining DVL-Courier.

USPS Discounts with DVL-Courier

If you’re a DVL-Courier user, you get immediate access to a free USPS postage account as part of your subscription. As an official USPS shipping partner, DVL-Courier gives you access to Commercial Base Pricing that gives you a deep USPS shipping discount on popular services including First Class, Priority, Priority Express Mail, and international services. But let’s get into what these discounted shipping rates include savings of up to:.

30% off Priority Mail
26% off First Class Mail Package
16% off Priority Mail Express
12% off Priority Mail International
7% off Priority Mail Express International
5% off International First Class
Up to 40% off USPS Package Insurance Rates

UPS Shipping Discounts Through DVL-Courier

DVL-Courier users can now receive a UPS discount of up to 86% off Daily Rates. To receive these discounted UPS rates and much more, all you have to do is sign up for ShipStation. Here are a few UPS discount shipping options:

Up to 55% off UPS® Ground shipments
Up to 69% off UPS 2nd Day Air®
Get discounts or waive certain surcharges, such as residential surcharges

DHL Express Worldwide Shipping Discounts (US)

DVL-Courier customers who choose to use DHL Express to ship packages internationally can save up to 75% on DHL Express postage. With DVL-Courier Carrier Services, which is a single postage purchase payment method, merchants can create a new DHL Express account, save on shipping, and use a single postage balance for shipping labels.

DVL-Courier Carrier Services
DVL-Courier Carrier Services provides immediate access to our partner courier services, allowing you to print labels as soon as you activate your UK-based DVL-Courier account. There is no need for paperwork, prerequisites, connecting accounts with the courier, or minimum volume requirements. DVL-Courier Carrier Services in the United Kingdom currently includes:

Evri Shipping Discounts (UK)
DVL-Courier users in the United Kingdom can take advantage of discounted Evri rates and create labels for ParcelShop Drop Off. Pricing starts at £2.25 (excl. VAT, delivery to mainland UK) for small packages. Medium-sized parcels between 2 and 5 kg start as low as £4.59.

Parcelforce Shipping Discounts (UK)
Discounted Parcelforce rates of up to 78% off retail prices are available in DVL-Courier Carrier Services. Parcelforce offers domestic service and international service to 32 countries.

DPD Shipping Discounts (UK)
Competitive DPD rates for selected services are available in DVL-Courier Carrier Services. Domestic service within the United Kingdom and international service to 24 countries.

Other Ways to Save
Pass Savings To Customers at Checkout
One way to capitalize on the affordable rates available in DVL-Courier is to use Checkout Rates. This exposes live rates to your customers in checkout. Fears of overcharging or undercharging can be a huge pain point for many ecommerce merchants. Luckily, DVL-Courier lets Shopify and BigCommerce merchants provide live-rate shipping options to their customers during checkout. These can be adjusted to include or decrease based on dollar amounts or percentages.

Shipping with Multiple Carriers
Many online retailers choose to send shipments using multiple carriers. This way they can get the best discounts based on size, weight, shipping method and geography. Shipping software can help make this process easier. DVL-Courier, for example, supports all the major shipping carriers, and allows you to select a variety of shipping carriers, while also making it easy for you to create and print shipping labels, and manage your online orders all in one place. You’ll also be able to retrieve real-time rates for each carrier to make sure you’re taking advantage of the best pricing.

DVL-Courier Can Help You Save on Shipping and Fulfillment
Want to learn more about how DVL-Courier can help your business save both time and money on shipping and fulfillment? Download your free copy of our comprehensive guide to efficient shipping and check out these small business success stories from some of the companies that have grown to new heights with the help of DVL-Courier.

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